Jan 23, 2008

Got guilt? Check.

This photo captures the essence of Gavin's life today. He was alive and kickin', but he sort of got lost in the pile of things to do. I realized when I put him to bed that my neighbor held him more than I did today. Wow. Good thing Jennifer is such a great friend and loves to cuddle little ones! And good thing I have a good-natured baby that will put up with being shuffled from car seat to swing to bouncer to stroller to crib. Gavin was a trooper today. And I have a lot of guilt.

The good news is that the house is so close to being ready to put on the market! I still need to sweep out the garage and vacuum all the carpet and dust the kitchen light fixture. Garry has a couple little items on his to-do list, too. I still need to pack for our trip. And obviously, I still need to fold a mountain of laundry. But thanks to some wonderful friends, the huge list of major chores has a lot of satisfying check marks.

Tomorrow the boys and I will fly to Mesa for more than a week of family fun. Aside from catching up on sleep and enjoying the company of my parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews, I am looking forward to reconnecting with my children in a stress-free (not to mention warm and sunny) environment. And knowing my mom, she'll probably even fold my laundry for me.
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