Mar 1, 2014

The good news is...

...Tyler doesn't need surgery on his broken arm!  Yay!  His bones are healing perfectly, so he'll wear his current cast for two more weeks, then wear a new short-arm cast for three more.  Tyler thinks he's happier about this outcome than I am. Little does he know....

I never posted pictures of Tyler getting his original cast, so here they are. Yes, the hot pink was Tyler's choice.

Out of the temporary cast...clean!  And less sore.

Traction to straighten the twisted ulna (smaller bone).  This hurt.

The PA, Matt (who was fantastic, by the way), pushing on the bones to put them back into place. This really hurt, but Tyler was amazingly brave.

An x-ray of the bones after Matt manipulated them.  Perfect!

Ryan applying the colorful cast material.

And these pictures are from Thursday, when we visited the orthopedist again. Tyler loves wearing his friends' signatures on his arm. We found a cool waterproof arm sleeve so he can shower. Things like buckling his seat belt and buttoning his church shirt are difficult, but other than that Tyler is managing quite well.

Here's to more healing...and more good news for Tyler.
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