Mar 9, 2014

Kate learns a lesson

On Wednesday afternoon,
I was being a good little mama
and painting my girls' fingernails.
Neighbor Lucy was over,
and I was working on her nails
when Kate's hysterical scream
pierced my eardrum.

I turned to see what was happening
and she was standing there
with an open bottle of nail polish in one hand
and its lid and brush in the other.
Her eyes were squeezed shut
and she was screaming
like I've never heard her scream before.

After what seemed like 10 minutes
I finally understood:
she had painted her eyeball.
I imagine she was attempting to
"put on mascara"
or something
but whatever her attempt,
it failed
and she was in serious pain.

I tried to open her eye
but she screamed louder.
I tried to wipe her eyelid
but she screamed louder.
Finally, I did what I knew needed to be done.
I wrapped her in a towel,
laid her on her back on the counter
with her head over the sink
and turned on the water.

Oh, the screaming.
The memory makes me sick.
It was kind of hard to hold her still
and maneuver the hose on the faucet
so it sprayed right in her eye.
I had to open her eye with one hand
and spray with the other.
It was awful.
Awful, I tell you.

But then, when I was done,
she sat up
and I dried her off
and she stopped screaming.
She was still crying from the trauma
but calming down
and opening her eyes.
It was over.

I hugged her for a long time.
She kept begging for a band-aid.
Of course a band-aid makes everything feel better!
I tried to explain that it wouldn't help.
She didn't believe me.
Because I wanted to do anything
for her to stop hurting,
I opened a band-aid and stuck it on
from her eyebrow to her cheek.
I laughed out loud.
She loved it,
and she wore it for about 10 hours.
I'm not sure
why it was so comforting,
but it was.
Silly little girl.

Kate was pretty traumatized
but I think she learned
that putting nail polish in her eye
isn't a good idea.

Here is the story in her own words.

And a photo
in case you can't see the video.
And also because it's cute.

Sorry that I laughed, baby.
After all the tension
I had to let it out.
I mean,
who paints her eye with nail polish?
You have to admit
it's a little bit ridiculous.
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