Mar 7, 2014

Sparkles and a Nephite

Recently our Primary president hatched the idea to present "Scripture Spotlights" during weekly opening exercises instead of spotlighting the children.  What a great idea, right?  I love it. We have been looking for ways to better incorporate the scriptures into Primary, and this seems like an excellent start.

The plan is to give the kids clues about a person or object in the Book of Mormon (and other books of scripture as we go).  We will offer four possible answers, and then the kids have to guess. For example:

"Heavenly Father told me in a dream that a hungry man named Alma would come to my house. When the man came, I fed him, and he told me about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believed what he said. Together Alma and I taught many people.  We watched members of the church die for what they believed, and we were put in prison. The Spirit of God helped us break free from our chains, and the prison crumbled around us, killing the guards and many wicked people."

1.  Alma the Younger
2.  Omni
3.  Enos
4. Amulek

If the majority of the kids chooses the right answer, then Sam the Scripture Man (haha) gets to advance a square on the path I made on this poster.

Hopefully making progress on a sparkly chart will get the kids excited about the scriptures, one story at a time. That would a wistful little ending to this post, but what I really want to say is: hopefully the laminating will's a little endorsement for Mardel's laminating machine today. Ha.

If you want a copy of the scripture spotlights, email me at heidi[at]thebartles[dot]com.  I can't figure out how to post a multi-page document here, so I am embracing my imperfections and offering what I can! I do hope to make spotlights for the Old and New Testaments, and also the Doctrine & Covenants.  All in good [nap]time, right?

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