Mar 21, 2014

100 laughs

At our spring Parent/Teacher conferences this week, we received a fun collection of Gavin's work from the last quarter. I decided to post a sample of his writing, some of which is very funny! Gavin was quite enthusiastic about the 100th day of school and its related projects and assignments. We got a big kick out of his responses.

If I had $100.00 I would buy "a haws for my famaly."

I want 100 "dolurs (dollars)."
I don't want 100 "farts."
I would eat 100 "piyes (pies)."
I wouldn't eat 100 "peas."
Can you tell Gavin's favorite color is green?
Green is an especially good color for noxious gas, apparently.

I wish I had 100 "peesis (pieces) uv gum."
I wish I had 100 "sotas (sodas)."
I wish I had 100 "tette (teddy) bears."
But I wouldn't want 100 "toots."
He's a little obsessed with bodily functions.

This one just made me laugh.
It doesn't make sense unless you know it's about shadows.

"Theegs (things) that are solid blok lighet. You need lighet and somthing to blok it and fall on it."
You can see he drew his bed on the left and a window on the right.

On this one, he drew a picture of his bunk bed on the left and himself running on the right.

"I like to moov by doing landsharks (a running club that he hopes to join soon).
It helps me moov by running.  I sometimes stay home beakus I am sic."

This one is about the life cycle of a butterfly.

"Butterflys are all cinse (kinds) of culers (colors).  They start in a cristlis (chrysalis) and end as a butterfly.

Two years ago, Gavin's fine motor skills were way below average for his age, and now he has the best handwriting in his class.  We are sure proud of his progress.  He absolutely loves school.

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