Jun 10, 2013

15 years

Today marks Garry's and my 15th wedding anniversary.  That's such a big number!  In past blogging years I have chronicled our courtship story, listed anniversary milestones, cataloged our history in numbers (which post has mysteriously disappeared from my blog...sad), told about our real life, and taken really bad pictures of myself.

This year, I'll just say that I'm really blessed that Garry is so patient and kind.  He is forgiving.  He is generous.  He is selfless.  He has endured quite the roller coaster ride with his crazy wife.  He is more than I deserve.  I'm grateful for a companion who always sees the bright side of life.  I'm also glad he will change diapers, wash dishes, bathe children, and whistle while he works.

The biggest gift of our marriage is our family.  We have five awesome children that I love dearly.

Happy anniversary to us!
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