Jun 3, 2013

Naughty Nutella

Today I had to take a nap.  Sure, I was tired in the normal mommy way.  But there was also this I-think-I'm-gonna-fall-down-so-it's-better-to-be-in-bed thing going on. Actually that happened three times, for a total of four hours of mid-day rest. Not normal. Especially because it happened yesterday, too, and I slept for seven hours in the middle of the day.


During one of my siestas, a number of people came to the door (highly unusual).  The kids took a ton of pictures with my phone.  They didn't do their assigned work for the day. They also had a party with a jar of Nutella.

My kids are known for their messes, but these ones were unique.  A small skateboard was plastered with Nutella.  One of the head rests in the van got a Nutella coating.  Baby doll Hally obtained Nutella-covered  feet.  A swim towel was smeared with a Nutella masterpiece.  Three small t-shirts and three cherubic faces bore evidence of my children's nefarious Nutella deeds.

While I was sleeping, Gavin also cut Kate's shirt with scissors and Lexi drew on her shirt and Kate's bedroom door with a Sharpie.

Needless to say, it wasn't a great day for the laundry.  At least the house smells deliciously nutty.

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