Apr 29, 2014

Easter at home

Our Easter weekend was simple and quiet this year. We had some fun activities for the kids, bought new dresses for the girls, and Garry participated in the annual Easter Cantata (the boys and I attended both nights). I was busy on Sunday with Primary sharing time and accompaniment for a solo in sacrament meeting. Overall, the holiday was very nice.

A couple of weeks ago I planned an Easter egg hunt at the park with lots of the moms in the ward who have preschool kids. Doing this was part of our Easter tradition when Zach and Tyler were little, and I have wanted a similar experience for my little kids, too. On the Friday before Easter, lots of people came to the park, the weather was perfect, and I think everyone had a good time. Success!

The next day, we invited one of Gavin's friends and his mom to join us for our family egg hunt and egg coloring. I filled the plastic eggs and Garry hid them. The kids had a blast tracking down 24 eggs each (they were color-coded).

After that, we decorated hard-boiled eggs with shaving cream and food coloring. That was a fun change from the traditional dye cups. Too bad Garry and Lexi are the only family members who like to eat rubbery eggs. We have lots! We had a very fun morning and were glad to have our friends along to play with us.

On Sunday morning the kids enjoyed their Easter baskets. The Easter Bunny hides baskets at our house, and the hiding places were a little tricky this year, but everyone seemed to enjoy the search, their candy, and the one small gift they received.  That's our Easter in a nutshell...or would that be an egg?

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