Apr 4, 2014

ADD Housework

If you give a mom some housework, she'll probably start in the kitchen.

When she stands in the kitchen, she'll see a pile of mail to sort.

When she finishes sorting the mail, she'll throw a pile of paper in the recycling bin.

When she sees the recycling, she'll want to take out the trash.

After she takes out the trash, she'll come inside and wipe her feet.

Seeing the dirty rug will make her shake it out, and then she'll need to sweep.

When she gets the broom from the closet, she'll need to straighten the pantry so she can shut the door again.

When she shuts the door, she'll find a pile of paint supplies that need to be put away.

When she puts away the drop cloths, she'll remember that she needs to uncover the tulips.

Uncovering the tulips will make her see that a kitchen towel is in the dirt.  She'll need to put it in the laundry basket.

When she puts it with the laundry, she'll straighten up the bedroom.

When she straightens the bedroom, she'll glance in the mirror.  She'll see she forgot to put on make-up.

When she's standing in the bathroom, she'll find an extra paint brush.

She'll take another load of paint to the garage.  

In the garage she'll see the dirty floor and want to put that chore on Saturday's list.

She'll walk to the kitchen to write it down.

Standing in the kitchen will remind her that she hasn't eaten lunch.

She'll make a green smoothie. 

Making a mess will remind her do the dishes.  

When she collects breakfast dishes from the table, she'll find a pile of Legos on a chair.

Seeing the Legos will remind her that she saw some other Legos in the van.

She'll walk outside to get them.

When she's in the van, she'll find a pile of dirty socks, three gloves, a coat, two pairs of shoes, and a shirt.

She'll put away the shoes and clothes in a room downstairs.

When she's downstairs, she'll find a load of laundry from four days ago that still isn't folded.

She folds them and puts them away.

The laundry includes a stack of dish towels, so she'll walk back to the kitchen.

And chances are, when she's back in the kitchen, 

She'll forget why she's there and start over.

P.S. If you haven't read If You Give a Moose a Muffin, the book from which this post was derived, you should.
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