Sep 7, 2013

Catch-up on Zach

Middle school looks good on this kid.

I'm so impressed with the way Zach is handling sixth grade and all that comes with it.  He's responsible about homework, generally pleasant in the morning before and after school, and diligent with his cross country practices and homework. He seems eager to please his teachers and wants to get to school early so he can be organized for his classes but still have time to talk to his friends.  It's all good news!

Just after school started, Zach and Garry joined all the 11-year-old scouts in the stake on a camp-out at the Air Force Academy.  They had a great time!  Zach had been diligently practicing his knots for a knot-tying race, so he did well in that competition.  He also won the orienteering event, which he was very proud to report.  I'm glad he and Garry had that time together.  Zach made great progress with merit badges, too.

This week Zach ran in his first cross country meet.  His school hosted the "Wolf Pack Classic," so the course was close to home.  Zach was super nervous but did an amazing job.  He completed in the 1.7-mile course in 10:17 (he can't remember the exact time, but that's close) and came in 16th place among 6th grade boys. The strong finish has given him a big confidence boost for next week.  Now we just need to get him to eat like an athlete!  The video below shows the first few seconds of the race.  Zach is right in the middle in royal blue.

Zach's paper route is going well.  Tyler opted out just before school started, so Zach is carrying the load himself.  He is pretty efficient in rolling and banding or bagging the papers, and we've got the delivery route down.  I really enjoy the 30 minutes we have together as Zach throws the paper and I drive slowly up and down the streets.  He tells me about his classes and his friends and his life.  I love listening to him talk.  Zach finally got his first paycheck a few weeks ago.  He has some money saved, so with the new influx he decided to buy a basketball.  It was interesting to watch him weigh the options at Walmart.  He settled on a mid-grade ball and has been happy with the purchase.

On Friday night we had a fairly impromptu movie party in the back yard.  Zach invited six friends and they all came! 

It was fun for me to meet the boys that Zach hangs out with at school, especially when I saw that they are clean-cut, well-mannered, happy kids.  We hope our little gathering was the first of many adventures for Zach and his new friends.
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