Sep 7, 2013

Lexi's turn

Preschool f.i.n.a.l.l.y started last week.  Finally!  Lexi has been waiting what seems like an extra long time to be in preschool again.  She was soooo excited when Wednesday morning finally came...and then she freaked out when I left her at school.  Miss Rachel said she calmed down really quickly, so these happy pictures from before school capture the essence of her preschool experience.

Lexi practiced her name over the summer and has made great progress with "e" and "s."  The glint of victory in her eyes when she forms those letters correctly is so fun to see.  I also love the hand print she brought home on the first day of school.  It gets bigger every year.

Here's to another great school year....the last one before kindergarten!  Yippee!

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