Aug 20, 2013

To my baby on her second birthday

Dear Kate,

You are two today.  You are so grown up, yet charmingly small.  I can't wait to see who you will become.

Right now, you are hilarious.  You have such a sense of humor.  Seeing your mischievous grin after making a joke (usually ending with "ha ha hee hee") cracks me up.  You make the funniest faces and delight in making people laugh.  You dance and strike a pose just to see if someone will snicker at you.  You are so full of personality. You are also very polite, saying "peese," "tank oo," and "scoozee" more often than your older siblings. That's pretty funny too.

In general you are a chatterbox.  You talk all day long, whether it be to yourself or someone else.  You talk to your dolls--and rock them, sing to them, and wipe their bums--as well as your bunny.  You will often repeat something again and again until someone says the same thing back to you.  It is very important to you to be understood.  In a loud and crazy household of big people, this is no surprise.

You love to be outside.  You escape the house often, usually because someone older leaves the door open. You love the park, and hanging from the bars is your favorite thing.  You love to just hang and drop, hang and drop, again and again and again.  At home, you enjoy walking to the mailbox and waving to the neighbors. You are starting to ride a little scooter but want to much to go faster.  You enjoy sitting in the wagon but NOT the stroller.  It would be so convenient if you and Lexi rode in a double stroller, but neither of you will have anything to do with that. You won't sit in a high chair, either, or wear a bib, for that matter. You want to be BIG.

Milk is easily your favorite food.  You also really like Frosted Mini Wheats for "bekis" (breakfast), which, incidentally, is your universal word for "hungry."  You will eat the occasional banana, but you prefer apple slices or berries.  Your favorite vegetables are broccoli and peas.  Beyond that, you're kind of picky, unless you're really hungry, and then you'll eat just about anything.  I love your round little belly that reminds me you're still a baby.  You weigh 27 pounds (66%) and are 32.75 inches (18%) tall.  You have your bottom two-year-old molars but the top ones haven't grown in yet.

One of your habits that I don't love: taking off your diaper. This is a constant problem.  You refuse to sit on the potty for more than 10 seconds (believe me, we gave potty training a good effort), but you hate your diaper.  You often strip and run around naked, sometimes after pooping in your diaper, which is rather messy, of course.  Even if you keep your clothes on, you won't wear socks, shoes, or even sandals.  I keep buying them, thinking that maybe the perfect pair will suit your feet.  Not so.  Hopefully you'll get over it by winter time.

Your hair continues to grow--it's the same length as Lexi's hair already.  It's golden and shiny and has turned a lighter blonde this summer.  Your dimples are super charming, even on the most trying of days.  We have a sweet little bedtime routine (even after you shriek, "No nap!  No seep!,") where we sing you a few songs before turning out the lights.  Your favorite fun song is "Three Little Ducks," but I have changed the last verse. Instead of the father duck's big "quack quack quack" calling his naughty ducks home, he says, "LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER!" and that makes the three little ducks come waddling back.  You think that is so funny and repeat that part with us when we sing.  You also love the "temple song" and hold your framed picture of the Denver Temple in your arm.  Bunny continues to be a favorite friend, although we [almost] always leave Bunny at home.  I also encourage you to give her naps quite often so you don't become ridiculously attached.  I'm mean like that, but it's working; if we can't find Bunny, you can still sleep.

We celebrated your birthday two days early, since I had a youth temple trip scheduled for the evening of your big day. We had a simple family party, with a few balloons in the living room and some bubbles in the driveway. You opened your presents with a crowd of older siblings around you. Mom and Dad gave you a fall jacket and matching dresses for you and Lexi. Your siblings gave you a book, a purse, a tutu, and a movie. Your favorite gifts came from your grandparents: a new doll with handmade clothes and a double doll stroller. You love dolls!  Baby Grace is a fun addition to your collection.  We served a rich chocolate bundt cake for dessert and you loved blowing out the candles.

Miss Kate, you are so much fun.  We love having you in our family!


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