Aug 12, 2013

Local news

Tyler is happy to be on his elementary school's news crew. It's a group reserved for fifth graders and he had to apply to join. News Crew will report the school's weekly news on Fridays, so they will meet on Thursdays after school to create the school-wide broadcast. Tyler is one of the anchors, so he will be on camera every week!

A week ago, Tyler and co-anchor Abby met with the News Crew advisor, Ms. Hoffert, to prepare a special broadcast for back-to-school night.  I tagged along, since I won't likely be able to peek into his rehearsals during the school year.  It was fun to watch the kids work through the script and get more comfortable on camera.  Tyler is a little reserved, but I think he did a great job, considering he'd never done anything like it before.  I'm sure his personality will show through more and more as he gets comfortable.

Here's a photo of Tyler and Abby, along with two parts of the broadcast that I recorded. So fun!

Ms. Hoffert said she will email the News Crew parents a video file each week.  I look forward to seeing Tyler on camera!
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